Student Handbook


Accidents and Illness

When a serious accident or illness occurs, we will do everything within our power to contact a parent.  If this fails, we will notify one of the people listed on your Health and Emergency Information form.  A new Health and Emergency form is required every year to insure that all contact information is correct.

Calls will be made in the following order:

1.  The home and/or cell phone numbers if listed.

2.  The father’s or mother’s work place

3.  Other persons listed on the Emergency Health form.

4.  In extreme emergencies, when we are unable to contact any of the above, we will take necessary steps for emergency medical treatment.

(Students need to be picked up by a parent or person designated by the parent)

We cannot send a sick or injured student home, they MUST be picked up.  Please keep us informed of any changes in telephone numbers so that we will be able to contact you in an emergency.


Unexcused absences are in violation of “Utah State Compulsory Education Law” (Utah code section 53A-11-101.2 Policy 408)  Student success in school is directly tied to attendance.  Alpine School District Board of Education and Barratt Elementary School recognizes that regular attendance at school provides students with the best opportunity to learn.  Frequent absences from the day to day classroom experience disrupts the instructional learning process for the child.  The benefits of every day instruction once lost, are often difficult to regain.  The school will make an Ernest and Persistent effort to improve the attendance of students.  The following policies should be followed.


  • Please call the school whenever your child is absent.
  • Teachers will contact the home after three consecutive student absences.
  • Excessive absences (more than 10 total absences) will be referred to the principal, who may contact you by letter to determine if further action is needed.  This could include a Division of Family Services referral, etc.

Tardiness:  It is important that the habit of punctuality be developed.  Late arriving students not only miss important instruction for the day, but also interrupt teaching and student learning.  Students should arrive on time, ready to begin the learning tasks for the day.  Students arriving late are required to go to the school office before going to the classroom.


The school day begins at 9:00 a.m. The tardy bell rings at 9:05am.  Promptness is crucial to a smooth start of each school day.  Under no circumstances, should children be dropped at school earlier than 15 minutes before school starts.

Students are expected to proceed home immediately after school ends.  The only exception would be for approved school activities (Chorus, Tutoring) or if prior arrangements have been made with a teacher.

For your child’s safety, please see that they do not arrive 15 minutes before school or stay any later than 15 minutes after school.  The school does not have faculty members supervising students beyond these times.

School office hours:  Opens 8:00 AM—Closes 4:00 PM (Promptly!)


The Health Department regulations require all foods that are brought into the school to be commercially purchased and prepared.  “No homemade” food can be given to students at school for birthday treats, holiday treats, etc.

Bringing Birthday GIFTS to school

Please do not bring gifts, flowers, balloons, etc to your child at school. Many times they become lost or stolen, or disrupt the classroom.  If these items are sent to school, we will notify the student and have them pick them up from the office after school.  Please contact your child’s teacher prior to bringing birthday treats for your child’s class.


Please make prior arrangements with the teacher, indicating the day you would like to visit.  All visitors MUST check in at the school office and wear a visitor badge during their visit.


In the case of an emergency. Alpine School District policy states:  “Release of a child below ninth grade at other than regularly scheduled hours is prohibited unless the parent and another responsible person has been notified and has assumed responsibility for the child.”

KSL 1160 AM/FM is our Emergency Broadcast system.  Parents should tune to this station for emergency information.

SCHOOL EMERGENCY PLANS contain measures which assure adequate supervision of children during an emergency which may occur during school hours.  The school’s specific emergency plans are available by request. Each classroom contains Emergency Kits to keep students warm and dry during an evacuation.  Kits also contain a small portion of food, water and other emergency supplies.  If it becomes necessary to evacuate the building while school is in session such as inclement weather, students will go to an alternate site.  The first site is the AF Hospital. If the weather is good, students will remain on the grounds at Barratt and will remain with their assigned classes in their assigned areas.  Students will not be permitted to leave unless they are checked out by a parent or responsible adult.  A command post will be located at the flag pole area to assist parents in locating and securing their children.

Field trips

In most cases field trips will be considered as part of the academic program, with all students participating.  However, because of special circumstances, some students may not be able to participate.  Students who are not allowed to participate will be assigned to another teacher for the instruction time during the field trip.


Breakfast –$1.00 per child

Adult Breakfast –$1.65

Lunch — $1.75 per child

Milk –$.30

Adult or any other non-student lunch—$3.85

Breakfast begins at 8:30 am and ends at 8:50 am. This leaves 10 minutes for students to eat before the bell rings at 9:00 am.

AUTO-Payment Plan – We have an auto payment plan for parents.  This program allows parents to sign up for electronic funds transfer from their checking or savings account into their child’s lunch money account.  This is a wonderful program for busy parents. Visit Barratt’s website and click on my payments plus (lo0ks like two hearts).

Free or Reduced Meals – Applications for free or reduced meals are available in the school office or at the Alpine School District.  If your children were on free or reduced meals last year, you will still need to reapply and the application will need to be approved.

Student Walking Home for Lunch – For safety reasons, we discourage students from walking home for lunch.  If parents want to have their child to walk home they need to have a permission note on file in the office.


Homework is a valuable part of learning.  All students can expect to have some homework to complete in order to fulfill class requirements.  The amount will vary according to the age of the students, the amount of study time allowed at school, and how the child uses the study time available.  Daily homework should not exceed 1 hour.  There should be little or no homework on weekends and holidays.


Some students may need medication during school hours.  The following procedures must be followed:

1.  An ‘Authorization for Medication’ form MUST be filled out by the physician and also signed by the parent.  This form is available in the school office.

2. Parents should make the school aware of any medical problem the student has.  School employees are not able to administer medication to any student unless the school has the appropriate form signed by the doctor.  School employees are not permitted to apply ointment to cuts or abrasions.  Employees are not permitted to give a pain reliever to students without personally speaking to parents.

3.  Medications should be brought to school in the original container by a parent with the Authorization for Medication form.

Personal property

Alpine School District is not responsible for any personal property which is lost or stolen, or vandalized or which may have been entrusted for storage and/or safekeeping by Alpine School District or any employee of Alpine School District.  There is no provision which allows payment for any personal item which is taken from Alpine School District property.

Pets at school

Parents PLEASE do not allow your children to bring their pets to school with them.  If their pet is a show-and-tell item, and the teacher has been notified, an adult should come with the child so that the pet can be taken home immediately after the presentation.  Because of student allergies, it may not be possible to bring pets to some classrooms.  If a pet follows a child to school, the child will call home to ask a parent to come pick the animal up.  If a parent cannot pick the animal up,  Animal Control office may be contacted by the school.

Prohibited items

Students MAY NOT possess any the following items on school property or at school events without the explicit permission of a teacher or administrator.

1.     CD Players,  beepers, cameras, television sets, or any other electronic items that may cause a distraction to the learning climate.

2.     Trading cards, dice, playing cards, and sports equipment.

3.     Alcoholic beverages, narcotics, over-the-counter medications, cigarettes, tobacco products, inhalants, cigarette lighters, matches, weapons, and look-a-likes.

4.     Toys or any type of electronic games.

5.     Roller blades, roller shoes, skateboards, or any motorized scooters are NOT allowed at school.

6.  Any type of weapon or facsimile of a weapon.

7.  Non-motorized scooters may be brought to school, but must be stored completely in a backpack or locked up at the bike rack, as per the fire marshall.

Telephone calls

Please help us keep classroom interruptions to a minimum by communicating necessary information (such as appointments, babysitters, etc.) before your child comes to school.  It is very difficult to bring children to the office to answer telephone calls without disrupting classes and teachers typically set their classroom phone in a message-taking mode during class.  Please do not call and ask to speak to your child except in an emergency.


Students may bring cell phones to school for the purposes of car pools, emergencies etc.  However they must be kept in a backpack during school hours.  If a cell phone becomes a distraction to the learning environment of the school it will be taken from the student.  Parents will be notified and asked to pick it up at school.  The school will not be responsible for lost,  stolen, or damaged cell phones.



In order to help us return lost items, please label all clothing, backpacks, etc. with your child’s name or phone number.  For your child’s safety, we encourage you to label clothing and backpacks on the inside.  All lost items will be donated to charity at mid-year and again at the end of the school year.


Bike racks are provided at Barratt.  All bikes should be placed in bike racks, and must be left there until time for students to return home.  The school cannot be responsible for bikes.  We suggest that students lock their bikes to prevent theft.  Also, please remind your student to walk all bikes and scooters on school grounds.  No roller blades, roller shoes, or motorized scooters, or skateboards are allowed at school.

Student Checkout

Parents must come to the school office if they need to pick up their children during school hours.  Teachers will allow students to leave the classroom only after being contacted by the office.  Students will be released to a parent or guardian, who are listed on the emergency form, after the checkout log is signed.  Please do not check students out of school early except in the case of an emergency.  It not only takes learning time from the student, but also disturbs the learning of the class.  Do not call and ask that your child walk home, or meet you at your car.  This is an Alpine District Safety directive.  For your child’s protection please do not ask otherwise.

Withdrawal or transfer of students

Should it become necessary to transfer your children to another school mid-year, we ask that you alert the office ahead of time so that all necessary forms can be completed.  All text books, library books, and lunch money must be returned or paid for before leaving.  Student records will be sent upon request to the next school in which your child is enrolled.


We are always looking for more volunteers.  Our Barratt volunteers are fantastic!  They give hundreds of hours each year in support of our teacher and students.  Some volunteer tasks require that fingerprinting and criminal background check be completed.  If you desire to be a Barratt volunteer contact the school office, PTA or one of our teachers.


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