School Rules



Barratt Elementary teaches the “Seven Essential Virtues” described in the book “Building Moral Intelligence by Michele Borba,  Ed.D.

These seven traits help children to do the right thing and to resist pressures that defy the habits of solid character and good ethical living.

Moral Intelligence Builders

  • EMPATHY – Identifying with and feeling other people’s concerns.
  • CONSCIENCE – Knowing the right and decent way to act and acting that way.
  • SELF-CONTROL – Regulating your thoughts and actions so that you stop any pressures from within or without and act the way you know and feel is right.
  • RESPECT – Showing you value others by treating them in a courteous and considerate way.
  • KINDNESS – Demonstrating concern about the welfare and feelings of others.
  • TOLERANCE – Respecting the dignity and rights of all persons, even those whose beliefs and behaviors differ from our own.
  • FAIRNESS – Choosing to be open minded and to act in a just and fair way.



I will walk quietly, keeping hands and feet to myself.

I will go straight to my destinatnion.

I will enter and exit assigned doors.


I will respect lunch staff and supervisors.

I will stay seated and use an inside voice.

I will clean up after myself. 

I will use my assigned restroom quickly and quietly.

I will flush, wash with soap, and turn off the water when I am done.

I will keep the restroom clean and neat.


I will treat myself, others, and equipment with respect.

I will practicd good sportsmanship.

I will line up quickly when the bell rings.


I will enter and exit the assembly quietly and will watch for the attention signal.

I will keep my  hands and feet to myself and will keep my pockets on the floor.

I will clap with enthusiasm and respect.

Barratt Elementary is committed to maintaining a safe and orderly environment for our students and employees.  Please help us by making sure that your child knows that bullying and/or harassment for ANY reason is not acceptable behavior and will not be tolerated.  If your child is ever harassed or bullied, they should contact their teacher, or the principal for assistance.  Students who are involved in fighting or serious breaking of school rules may be sent to time out, another classroom, or suspended from school.

 Students and parents need to be aware that school officials (all school employees) play a role in student discipline and in maintaining a safe school environment.  Personal property including backpacks, coats, desks, totes, etc. are liable to be searched in order to maintain discipline, ensure a safe environment, enforce school rules and accomplish the mission of the school.

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