Parking Lot Mayhem

Traffic School

Parking Lot Mayhem


We are experiencing mayhem in our parking lot!  Rules are being broken and many of our students are being put at risk.  Please take a minute and review our parking lot rules!

We have 3 lanes in our parking lot that run one way—south to north.
Students may be dropped off/picked up at either outside lane curbs.
Have your child(ren) exit the car closest to the curb.
Use the crosswalk if you are on the curb away from the building.
The middle lane is designed to be continuous flow.  Please do NOT stop and drop students off in this lane or have them cut through lanes of traffic.
DO NOT park and leave your car in the drop off/pickup lanes immediately before and after school.
Once you drop off your child(ren) please enter the middle lane and exit the parking lot.  This allows others to drop off in an orderly manner.  Waiting at the curb until the bell rings and your child enters the school only backs up the rest of the cars wanting to drop off.
Students may not be picked up or dropped off in the staff/visitor/handicap parking areas.
If you want to enter the building during drop off/pick up time, please park in one of the diagonal parking slots on 900 East, use the cross walk and enter the building.

Let’s all join in and observe the rules so everyone can be safe.  It only takes once for someone to get hurt.

Thank you in advance for helping keep Barratt students, faculty and staff safe!

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